Friday, October 31, 2008

#7 Blogging about Technology

Just about every technology based topic we are examining in this process of Web 2.0 Library Learning is something that is extraordinary. I do not think anyone could have even begun to imagine some of these things, environments, applications, or tools even ten years ago. The ease of use to operate these tools is also astounding.

One of my favorite technological discoveries from this learning opportunity has been iMovie. With tools like iMovie, someone can create an incredible, creative, quality movie with great sound and great visual and editing effects quickly and easily. Twenty years ago, this would have been impossible unless you had access to $100,000 worth of cameras, film, developing equipment, editing equipment, sound recording equipment, etc. And this costly process would require knowledge of how to handle those complex tools. It would have been time consuming and there would not be the room for mistakes and flexibility that exist today. Now it is easy and quality results can be had with the use of a personal computer.

Not only that, but the content/film/video/movie/visual art/or whatever, can be shared with ease through many online avenues. Whether that would be a blog, youtube, or any of the other video sharing opportunities. I am impressed with these technological developments and what they have to offer not only an artist but institutions like a library, who can use these tools to create Public Services Announcements (etc.) to share on the web. It is a great and powerful thing.

#6 Flickr and Mash-ups

I was surprised to find so many "mash-ups" out there! It is interesting that they are developed independently and put out there for everyone to use.

I personally enjoyed looking at the website. You upload a photo so you can add effects or something creative to the image. You can mash-up photographs to make fake magazine covers, motivational posters, sports cards, photocards, funny scenes, newspaper headlines, novelty styles and more (almost 1,000 template layouts).

I recommend #73 (the Pizza Shop Sign Generator).

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

#5 Discovering Flickr-Discovery Exercise

[Kitchen utensils hanging below a spice rack with mint, caraway, tyme, and sage jars] (LOC)
Originally uploaded by The Library of Congress

I created an Flickr account and I found an image from the Library of Congress on Flickr to Blog about. I wanted to go with something spicy, yet something that played up the Web 2.0 tools metaphor. So long for now, I need to get cooking!

#4 Registering Blog with the O! What a Geek team

I have just emailed the O! What a Geek team with my name and the URL of this blog. Four down and nineteen to go.

Friday, October 24, 2008

#3 Setting up my own blog and posting

I have successfully set up my own blog and have posted to it! It has been a very interesting process to learn about. I have enjoyed the tutorials that I have encountered so far in the O! What a Geek: Library Learning 2.0 Program.

#2 Pointers from Life Long Learners

The most relevant of the 7 and 1/2 habits of life long learners to my blog would have to be Habit 6: Use technology to your advantage. Learning how to blog will be another tool in my life long learning toolbox.

#1 O! What a Geek: Library Learning 2.0 Program

I embarked on a journey to tackle the 23 things detailed on the O! What a Geek: Library Learning 2.0 blog. I am excited to make use of all of these incredible applications and become familiar with how to use them in my library environment.